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Ding Mini - Problems with my Successful Top-Up

Top-Up Not Received: What can I do? 

top-up is usually sent to a phone number within a few seconds, but sometimes there can be delays on the network’s side. 

We recommend you check the phone balance and if your top-up hasn’t been received, we advise you to contact the network directly.  

Alternatively, you can contact our Customer Care Team, who can contact them on your behalf. In order for us to be able to raise this query for you, we will need the following information from you, all of which can be found in the purchase history in your Profile: 

  • Order ID  
  • Phone Number  
  • Date of the Transaction 


Why isn’t my PIN working? 

When you buy a PIN top-up, the credit is not applied automatically to the number. You’ll find the PIN code and the instructions on how to redeem in in your top-up receipt. 

In order to have the credit applied, you must redeem the PIN code using the instructions provided in your receipt 

If you’re experiencing any issues redeeming the PIN, we would advise you to contact the network directly, since they will be able to help you redeeming the PIN 

Alternatively, you can contact our Customer Care Team who can contact them on your behalf. 



What can I do if I top-up the wrong number? 

We understand that mistakes can sometimes happen during the top-up process and our team always does what it can to rectify this. However, when it comes to wrong number top-ups, our options are very limited. As soon as a transaction is completed, credit is applied directly by the network to the listed number, which means we cannot retrieve the credit amount back.

Unfortunately, this means we are unable to reverse successful top-ups or refund credits that were sent to a wrong number.


Why can't I send a top-up to the number I want to? 

Sometimes a number you are trying to top-up may not be in service, is incorrect, or you have chosen the wrong network. To avoid our customers receiving unnecessary charges, we try our best to verify the numbers in advance, and you won’t be charged should this happen. If you require any assistance, you can speak to one of our designated customer care team on live-chat support.

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