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Ding Mini - Top-ups

How to send a top-up

With the Ding Mini, you can instantly top-up a prepaid mobile phone. To send a top-up, with us, just follow the steps below: 

1. On the welcome screen, click on Buy top-up for yourself if you want to recharge your own phone number or Gift top-up to a friend if you want to recharge a friend's phone.



2. Add the Country and phone number you want to add top-up to.


3. The network will automatically be detected. If our system cannot automatically detect it, you can select it from the list.



4. Select the amount or data plan that you want to purchase.


5. After you have selected the amount, you’ll be taken to the Order rundown. Click on Review your order to verify that all the details are correct.  



6. Add your payment information.


7. Click on Pay now. 


That's it! You’ll be able to review your receipt by selecting View receipt and from your Profile section in the top right of the Ding Mini. 


If you need help at any stage, our Customer Care agents are available 24/7. You can find the different ways to contact us here.



Network data plans 

Some operators offer data plans, if this is the case for your operator, you’ll see the data plans option next to the Top-up option.  You can see what’s included in each plan, by clicking on the details.  


Pin top-ups

Some networks deliver the recharge through a PIN code. If this is the case for your network, you’ll see this outlined in the order rundown before the payment is made.


After the top-up is successful, a PIN code is created and sent to the phone number. Also, in the top-up receipt, you’ll find the PIN code and the instructions on how to use it successfully.


In order to have the credit applied to your phoneyou must redeem this PIN code manually by following the instructions provided in the receipt 

Only after redeeming the PIN successfully, will the recharge be applied to your phone balance 


How long does it take for a top-up to be sent? 

A top-up is applied to a phone number within a few seconds. Sometimes there can be a short delay on the network’s side. If you’re experiencing any issues, with your top-up, don’t hesitate to contact our customer care team that is available 24/7.


How much can I send? 

After you have entered the phone number and chosen a network, you will be able to select a top-up amount. The available amounts change depending on the network and unfortunately, they can not be customized.  

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