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How do I activate an auto top-up?

What's an auto top-up?

This option allows you to schedule a recharge to be sent on your chosen frequency. This way, you won't have to remember to top-up a phone manually, we'll do it for you.


Which frequency can I select?

You can choose between 7, 14, 28 or 30 days.


What payment method can I select?

For now, we only accept Visa and MasterCard as payment method options for automatic top-ups.


Are there any extra costs?

No, there is no extra cost associated with activating an automatic top-up. Also, you can cancel it at any time.


How can I activate it?

You can set an auto top-up from the Auto top-up section in your account or during a top-up if you are sending a recharge to a receiver number that you have topped up in the past. 

1. Select the details of your top-up: select the country, phone number and amount.

2. After choosing the amount you will be asked if you want to Set auto top-up

auto new number.png


3. Choose the frequency you would like for your top-up and select Set auto top-up.

4. Select the payment method of your preference or add a new one and press the Pay button.

5. Once your transaction has been completed you will receive a confirmation SMS or an email with your top-up details and the frequency of your auto top-up activation.


Why I can't see the option to schedule a recharge?

At the moment, this subscription is only available for some operators. If you can't see the Set auto top-up step it means that it's not available for your selected operator. 



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