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How do I cancel an auto top-up?

If you want to cancel your auto top-up activation, you will be able to do it yourself on your Ding account by following these simple steps: 


1. Log in to your Ding account


2. Click on "My Account" button at the top of the right hand side of the screen.



3. Then, select the "Auto top-ups" option from the drop-down list.



4. After clicking that option, you will see a list of your recent auto top-ups. Simply, click on the Cancel auto top-up button next to the auto top-up you want to cancel. 



5. Confirm the cancelation, clicking on Yes, cancel.



6. That's it! You will receive a SMS/email to confirm the auto top-up is disabled. 


If you have any issue canceling your auto top-up activation, please contact us at our Live Chat.

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