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Nauta Hogar

Since 2016 customers residing in Cuba have the option of accessing the ADSL Internet from home through the service Etecsa provides, Nauta Hogar

Now, ETECSA has enabled the possibility that customers of the Nauta Hogar service can pay their monthly fee and extend the browsing time using the balance of their Nauta permanent account.

Top-up your Nauta account in Ding by clicking here.

How you can pay the Nauta monthly fee?

After top-up, the Nauta permanent account in Ding by clicking here, follow the next steps:

  1. Access the Internet browser that you have on your computer (PC or laptop) and the authentication page "Nauta Hogar" will automatically be displayed. If it is not displayed, open a new tab and type in the browser bar the name of a site (Ex: to display this authentication page.
  2. Enter your username and password.

  3. Select Transferir Saldo > Pago de cuota Nauta Hogar


 What else I can do in the portal?

  • In Detalles de Operaciones you can see:

               - Recargas:  Customers can see the date, time and amount of the top-up and the channel used. 

               - Transferencias: Customers can see the date, time, amount and recipient Nauta account.

               - Fondo de la cuota: Customers can see the Nauta Hogar monthly fee, bonuses for interruption of service and adjustments.


  • If you are still having questions, click on "?" (help) where you can see all the Portal of Nauta functionalities.


Learn more about Nauta Hogar:

Benefits of the service:

  • Internet access from the comfort of your home.
  • It allows you to talk on the phone at the same time as you surf the Internet.
  • The possibility of finding the navigation speed that best suits your needs.
  • The associated Nauta account can also be used, from wifi areas and navigation rooms.

How you can access the Nauta Hogar service?

  • Etecsa will contact the customers to offer them the service according to the capacities of the network in their area of residence.
  • The formalization of the service is established by signing a contract between the client and ETECSA.
  • If the received has a Nauta account (with domain, prior to Nauta Hogar's request, it is associated with the service; otherwise, ETECSA will enable you an account as part of the offer.

To have the service Nauta customers need:

  • Reside in any of the areas where the service is sold.
  • Have an active telephone service.
  • A telephone set with the technical conditions that allow establishing a link for the transmission of data and the use of the service.

The service offer consists of:

  • A rating of 250.00 CUP  that is paid only once.
  • A monthly fee that depends on the contracted speed (see the table of Rates here).
  • A Nauta access account with domain that is associated with the link and includes 30 hours of browsing per month. If this time runs out you can recharge the account by paying what you want to consume.
  • A modem with accessories (installation kit) that the customer must pay for when commencing the service, which will be delivered with a Quick Installation Guide.

Important: If the time assigned to the Nauta Hogar account is finished, you can recharge the account to get additional time by clicking here.

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