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How to activate internet/data plans for Cubacel?

From the 6th of December 2018 Cubacel provide their customers with data plans and navigation rates enabling customers to access internet from their cell phones! 

To access Internet from your mobile in Cuba, your device should work on the 900 MHz or 2100 MHz frequency for 3G and 1800 MHz for the 4G network.


How to obtain the service?


To access Internet in Cuba, you should enable the mobile data on your phone, configure the APN Nauta and access to  or to be detected by the network provider.


If you rather connect to the 4G network, please check that you are using an USIM and once completed the previous steps, send an SMS to 2266 with the text: LTE


Cubacel will send an SMS confirming the access.


How does it work?


1. Once you have received this SMS, you will be able to surf the internet.


2. Mark on the device *133 # and then select 1 Data. In this platform, you can acquire both the packages and the pay as you go rate.


The pay as you go rate is an alternative option in which customers can access the internet without the need to buy a package. This rate is more expensive compared to the one that holds a package.


3. Once you have selected the desired package or the pay as you go rate you can access the internet.





What packages are there and how much does it cost?


Users in Cuba will have different packages available for 3G or 4G networks. To review them click here.


Note that:

- People who have 2G terminals will not be able to access the Internet.

- The internet service on cellular devices is facilitated by Etecsa. If you have any questions you can always contact them by clicking here.


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