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More reasons to send Nauta top-ups to your family and friends in Cuba

Etecsa has announced a Special Monthly Fee for only 5 CUC for 30 hours of Internet access from home at a speed of 512 / 256 Kbps, applicable only to the following People's Councils and Towns:


If you have friends or relatives in these areas who wish to avail of this offer, inform them they can contact the ETECSA's commercial office to do so, where they can also get help on sending a Nauta top-up to their permanent account so they can pay their monthly fee.


The offer consists of:

  • Browse the internet from the comfort of your home at speeds of 512 / 256 Kbps.
  • The monthly fee is 5.00 CUC and includes 30 hours of navigation. This way you are saving 10 CUC per month if you compare it with the general fee.
  • Free connection cost, but Etecsa customers must buy the modem ADSL (from 19.00 CUC to 23.00 CUC depending on the model).

Learn more about Internet service from homes in Cuba by clicking here.

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