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How to use your Zain Saudi Arabia credit to send a top-up?

You can use now your Zain Saudi Arabia pre-paid credit to top-up another number with the Ding App.

Follow the next steps to send your top-up using this method.

1. Follow the usual steps to send a top-up. Click here if you want to know how to top-up.

2. After you have selected the operator, amount and number you wish to top-up, the system will recognize your Zain Saudi Arabia SIM card and the option to pay using your credit will be automatically showed.


 3. Enter your Zain phone number and a SMS will be sent with a four digit code you should enter on your screen.


4. Confirm the details of the transaction and click in "Pay with Zain Credit". Your top-up will be sent instantly!


5. You will be able to see all the transaction details in the Purchase History.

Please note:

  • If you want to pay with any of our other payment methods, when the Zain option is showed, click in "I do not wish to pay with Zain credit" in the bottom part of the screen.


  • Remember that in this case the fees are included in the price.

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