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How to top-up using the App?

To send a top-up using the app, just follow these steps:


1. Go to the app, log in to your account and click on Send top-up.



2. After this, tell us who is the recipient of your top-up.  You can select from one of your contacts in your phonebook or you can go to Add manually to enter a new number.


Your contacts:


 Add manually:

If you add the number manually, you can include the country code to speed up the top-up process. However, if you don't add it, you'll be asked to select the correct country from a list. 



3. Choose the operator. Bear in mind that our system can detect automatically most of the operators. In this case, you won't see the list of available operators and won't need to select it manually.


4. Select the amount you want to send:


For some operators, we have data plans and packages available. If this is the case for your operator, you'll see the Plans section next to Top-up. 



5. After selecting the amount, you'll be redirected to the Order summary. Here you can review all the transaction details to make sure they are correct. 


6. Then, select the payment method you want to use and press Pay. Your top-up will be sent and we will send you an email or an SMS with the confirmation.


If you need help at any stage, our Customer Care agents are available 24/7

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