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How can I send a Nauta top-up?

To top-up your permanent Nauta access account:

1. Go to Top-up as normal and select Cuba in the country list


2. Select Nauta Top-up


3. Enter your permanent Nauta access email address


4. Select the amount you wish to top-up and Proceed to Payment


Please note:

  • Nauta is a public WiFi service available in Cuba. This service is designed for cell phones that support data transfer services where coverage is available.
  • Ding can only top-up permanent Nauta access accounts with an email address ending in or
  • Top-up amounts must be 10 CUC or higher
  • Nauta top-ups will expire 330 days after the top-up date (Cuban Time). Customers will then have an additional 30 days to make another top-up.
  • Customers can check their balance in the User Portal NAUTA

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