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Why isn’t my PIN working?

You might experience an issue when purchasing a PIN using Ding. No worries! We are here to help you. 

When you send a PIN, the credit is not applied automatically to the number. The recipient receives an SMS with the PIN number and the steps explaining how to redeem it. Once the transaction is settled you will be provided with a confirmation email, confirming the status of your transaction and providing you with the PIN together with the instructions. Additionally, you will be able to see these details in the Purchase History of your Ding account.

If you have sent the PIN to the incorrect number, but the number belongs to the same network operator, as you have the details in your email inbox and in the Purchase History of your account, you can contact the recipient and provide the details. Following the steps, they should be able to redeem the PIN successfully.

In case you might be experiencing any issue while following the steps to redeem the PIN or you see that the details like the phone number or the operator are not the correct one, please contact Customer Care and we will check how we can help you.

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