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Jollibee gift cards

What is Jollibee?

Jollibee is the largest fast-food chain brand in the Philippines, operating a network of more than 1,500 stores in 17 countries. You can review their menu here.


Where can I redeem the eGift Code?

The Jollibee eGift code is only redeemable in the Philippines. However, it cannot be used in the following locations: 

- Rockwell

- North Harbor

- Bagong Barrio

To check all the available Jollibee branches, you can visit this link


How can I buy a Jollibee gift card?

1. Go to the Jollibee Gift card section

2. Select the amount.

3. Choose your payment method and follow the checkout process.

4. Share the eGift code and the instructions with the person in Phillippines and they will be able to redeem it on the Jollibee store. 


How can the code be redeemed?

In order to use the gift card, you will need to show the eGift code at the store. If you wish to offer the gift card to someone, please make sure you share the eGift code with them so they can redeem it at the store.

Please note that in order to redeem it successfully, the eGift code must be entered with the hyphen '-' (for example: ABCD-1234).

Additionally, the eGift can only be used one time. If the total value is not used up, the rest cannot be used at a different time or returned as cash. 

For more information about the Jollibee Gift card, you can visit this link with the Terms and Conditions.


How can I share the code with someone else?

While purchasing the gift card from the Ding website, you will need to check the box mentioned 'Sending to someone else?' and enter the recipient's number to whom you want to send the gift card. 

The recipient will receive an SMS with a link. They'll need to open the link to see the gift card code and the instructions on how to redeem it. 

Please note that if you don't enter any phone number, the recipient won't receive the SMS with the link. Then you will need to manually send the gift card information to the recipient.

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