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How to log in with a one-time code?

You can now log in to your Ding email account without using a password. We will send you a one-time code by email that will allow you to access your account.


How to get the one-time code?

1. Go to Sign In and select Email.


2. Add the email address used to register your Ding account and click on Continue.

3. Check your email and enter the code to log in. Keep in mind, the one-time code will only be valid for 15 min, then they'll expire.

I didn’t receive the one-time code

If you didn't receive the email with the code, try the options below:

              • The email may be in the spam/junk folder.

              • You might have entered an incorrect email address. If you have made a mistake, you can change the email address by clicking on the pencil icon.


If you have any issues logging in with the one-time code, you can contact our Customer Care team. We are available 24/7!

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