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Alawao gift cards

What is Alawao?

Alawao is an online grocery store that delivers products in Cuba. You can review different types of products available here.


Where can they deliver?

Alawao can do deliveries in different Cuban regions. To check the regions and their delivery time, check out their list


How can I buy an Alawao gift card?

1. Go to

2. Select the amount.

3. Share the code and the instructions with the person in Cuba and they will be able to start shopping in Alawao.


How can the code be redeemed?

1. The receiver must register at

2. Enter the pin in the "cupón" field at the moment of registration.

3. The balance will be automatically added to Alawao´s electronic wallet and it can be used to pay for the products at checkout.


Can the code be redeemed outside Cuba?

Yes, the gift card can also be redeemed from abroad by registering here. Please note that the products can only be delivered to a Cuban address. 



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